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Acro was founded in 2004. We have been doing inkjet flatbed printer business since 2004.


With more than 10 years manufacturing experience, we know very well about the market need. We focus on converting the A3 size Epson desktop printer, cause Epson has a high resolution & high performance.


Our first model is converted from Epson R1290,then R1390,then R1800,then R1900.We will develop the R2000 flatbed printer in the near future to satisfy the market.


Once become our customers, we will provide the lifelong update service to all our customers. So you can always enjoy your printer with the newest technology.

WE PROVIDE SERVICESthat stand out for their quality


We offer you the suitable LED UV flatbed printer in a reasonable price!


With 10 years flatbed printer manufacturing experience,we can supply you the top quality LED UV flatbed printers!


Once become our customers, we will provide you lifelong technical support, even though the warranty is expired!

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