Printed Sprocket from Max in Australia


Max is a bicycle enthusiasts & he has a shop selling bicycle parts, like carbon fiber sprocket, stems, and cooldown posts and so on.


One day Max found our company Facebook, and left message that he wanted to find a printer for carbon fiber sprocket. He sent us some photos of printed sprocket from other supplier, and he wanted to find a printer to do the same job.


Since we have never printed carbon fiber with our UV printer, so we suggested him to send us some carbon fiber sprocket for testing. After we received the samples, we printed his artwork on his samples with our UV printer. The printing quality is unbelievable great. We sent some photos & printing video to Max. And Max can’t wait to see the real samples.


After he received our printed sprocket, he installed on his bicycle and it looked awesome. Max needed to test the UV printing durability on bicycle before he decided to buy the printer.


After 1 month past, Max gave us a positive feedback that he was ready for the FP-28 A3 UV printer.


Since Max had strong practical ability, he can handle our UV printer very well. His customers loved his idea to custom printed sprocket and his business increase a lot since then.



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