Printed Phone Case from John in Germany


Mr John and his partners have been working in HP for 20 years. After they left HP,they opened a advertising design company in Germany.


We met them at the Shenzhen Gift Trade Show in April, 2013. At that time, they’re looking for a professional digital printer manufacture to OEM a special phone case printer for their cooperation with a local telecom at the beginning of 2014. During the trade show, they’re impressed by our cell phone case printing quality. We invited them to visit our factory to know more about our production line.


During their visit, we know them that they’re one of the large advertising design companies in Germany. They have many graphic designer & engineers. During this trip, they have visited many digital printer factories in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan. They’re very impress by our work shop, because we’re the first factory who can make a production line for each process, just like a car factory. Each worker just focuses on their position. So the quality is much easier to control & it’s much more reliable.


After they return to Germany, they decide to take 3 demo machines. One printer is FP-38 with PC ink, special for PC phone cases. One printer is FP-28 with Hard UV ink, special for black phone case. One printer is FP-28 with Soft UV ink, special for black leather phone case & TPU phone cover.


After 6 months testing our printers, they’re satisfied about our cell phone case printers quality. So they decided to move forward to discuss with us about their OEM project. During these 6 months, they have created a website special for their custom printed phone cases project. They also develop their UI system, which you can select the photos on Ipad and click print, the printer will automatic print the artwork on your phone cover.


They made a list of requirement about the functions of their printers for cell phone cases. After discussed with our engineers point by point, we finial made an agreement to start this project. In order to finish this project, we have divided this project into 3 steps.


Step 1, we provide them the blueprint of the prototype. They made the first payment for the demo machine.


Step 2, we produce the prototype, and then they sent engineer to check the printer working. If anything needs to be improved, we will make the changes accordingly. After they approve the demo printer, then we require them to send the second payment for the mass production of their printers.


Step 3, after they checked all the printers, then they made the finial payment. After received the full payments, then we arrange the shipment to send them out to Germany.


After 1 year testing, their phone case printer project is very successful in Germany. If they have another printer project, they will definitely select our company first.


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