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The smart phones are very popular these years, especially IPHONE & SAMSUNG mobiles. In order to express our individuality, cell phone cases will be the best option. We can’t change the cell phone from month to month, but we change mobile phone cases from time to time. So the custom printed phone cases will be a huge market, and it’s profitable business project.


To start the custom printed cell phone cases business, you need to find a stable phone case printer. How to choice the best phone case printer? Acro Enterprise is the expert of digital printing solution for years, so we can give you the answers.


Tips No.1. Select a reliable flatbed printer manufacturer with long history. Acro Enterprise has more than 10 years printer manufacture experience.


Tips No.2. Select a professional salesman to deal with. Since the salesman represents their company, so their knowledge of this business will be essential. If the salesman is not professional enough, how can you trust their company & their product? How can you give your money to their pocket?


Tips No3. Check their machine structure and printer weight. If the structure is not strong enough or the printer weight is not heavy enough, the printer will shake during printing. It will definitely affect the printing quality


Tips No4. Check about the after sales service policy. The technical support is very important if you need any help in the future


Since we’re a company with 10 years manufacture experience, so we can provide you a complete solution to custom printed mobile phone case


If you become our customers, we can supply you the phone case printer, different inks for TPU, PC, and leather phone covers, and printing jigs for different mobile phone models. We can also provide you the beautiful artworks for phone cases; even we can source all kinds of phone cases for you. The most important is that we can give you a guide how to start your custom printed phone cases business. We provide you the solutions, you just enjoy making money.

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