Custom printed keyboards by digital led uv flatbed printer

Custom printed keyboards by digital led uv flatbed printer

These years Cosplay is very popular, so there are a huge market for Cosplay related products. Even there are demands for personalized keyboard with carton photos for Cosplay fans.


There are many sellers selling the custom printed keyboards on Ebay, Amzon, Aliexpress. Since it’s B2C,so the order quality is small, it can be many keyboards with different designs. So silk screen printing is not suitable for the small printing orders. Only digital UV flatbed printer will be the best choice, because it can handle small orders with different designers or even mass production with same design. Here is our digital UV flatbed printer:


keyboards printer

Keyboards digital uv flatbed printer


The custom printed keyboards processes are as below:


Step 1, Fix the printing jig on the printing table, then load the keyboards onto the printing jig


Step 2, After loaded the keyboards, then do the setting on the printing software


Step 3, Click to print & adjust the printing height of object during printing


Step 4, After printing, the keyboards & mouse are ready to use


Here are our custom printed keyboards photos.



Custom printed keyboards by our UV flatbed printer

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